Our Projects


Scottish High School, Gurgaon

Scottish High School has been a pioneer in adoption of clean energy. DefMart installed solar powered LED street lights for perimeter lighting. The project also involved replacement of  conventional fluorescent lights with  energy efficient LED ones. Apart from clean energy, it led to considerable savings in monthly electricity bills.



EME compound of Delhi Cannt. required an efficient and reliable way to light the surroundings, gates and common areas. The installation of solar LED street lights met the requirements of the area’s lighting requirements. The systems comprises of both pole mount and roof mount installations.

BrahmosAerospace, Delhi Cantt.

The project at BrahmosAerospace, located in Delhi Cantt., after the audit conducted we replaced the existing conventional lights with LED lights in order to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. The result of savings in consumption was tremendous.


AndhVidyalaya, Kanpur

AndhVidyalay, Kanpur is dedicated for the well being of blind children. The hostel requires a reliable hot water supply throughout the winter. The roof top water heater
installation employs the efficient ETC type water heater to provide hot water to meet the full requirement of the school hostel.


PHD Chamber of Commerce, Delhi

Installation of Solar LED street light and home lighting systems in Rudrapur, Ambalaand Jaipur through the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Dalai Lama Foundation, Dharamshala

Development of a custom solar home lighting system for Tuting, a remote village in Arunachal Pradesh. 250 houses are lit using the SOHOLIS-40 solar home lighting system. The aim was to stop the use of diesel generators. The houses now have an independent source for lighting.


DeogharMunicipal Corporation, Jharkhand

Installed around 400 solar street lights in 44 villages as part of community lighting under DeogharMunicipal Corporation, the major feature of this project was usage of sealed maintenance battery for the first time.



Worked with the Bharti Airtel foundation and provided solar lights for around 1000 school kids. Supplied & installed LED lights for high mast for one of their prestigious installations in the city of Ranchi