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Barefoot Firefly Mobile


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Product Description

Product Information:

  • The improved Gen 2.5 Firefly desk lamp will provide hours of brightness with 10 SMD LEDs and three settings – high, medium, and a low night light. At 62 lumens, Gen 2.5 is brighter than previous desk lamps.
  • The Gen 2.5 longer lasting rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery will last for up to 1000 cycles, or triple the life of Generation 2.0.
  • Replacement batteries and LEDs are available.
  • The 1.5W solar panel will recharge the battery inside the lamp and a mobile phone. If difficulty in charging either the lamp or the phone together, unplug 1 item and charge separately. Will not charge all models of mobile phones.
  • The battery will recharge in 4-6 hours with direct bright sunlight depending upon use.
  • Manufacturer product guarantee for 1 year.
  • This product is designed and developed to meet the UN Clean Development Mechanism standards. Carbon revenue will contribute to the affordability and improved quality and performance of Barefoot Power products.

Additional Information



Battery Protection:

Overcharge and Overdischarge

Runtime HIGH Setting:

3.6 hours

Runtime MEDIUM Setting:

13.8 hours

Runtime LOW Setting:

50 hours


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